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FLODOMES is working in conjunction with LANDTRIBE on creating ecosystem nurseries that grows trees and plants for regenerating the natural cycles.

When creating a carbon life cycle diversity is key. 
Holistic regeneration with a difference.
Supporting all that lives, and what doesn't, on the land.
A complete Carbon munching solution.











Greenwashing must never take away the integrity of many world wide conservation, ecosystem regeneration and replanting nature projects where people on the ground genuinely care for our replanting projects. Restoring Earths ecosystems where we have farmed extensively or deforested lands can return most of our food supply to be locally sourced and reforest vast areas all at the same time. Carbon is used more efficiently through planting diverse young forests and other plants, carbon is then stored over 100 - 1000s of years depending on the forests tree succession planting and stability. Our job is planning, growing and replanting for each project. We grow the diversity from seed in our Ecosystem Nursery in each area to directly plant out on the land and ensure aftercare of all newly planted areas and ongoing management needed to ensure planting success over the long term.   
                                                                                                                                                                                                We consult for creating carbon sinks through establishing diversely planted forested ecosystems, forest gardens, species rich meadows, grassland and wood pasture. For the land we focus on making regionally specific planting plans that create diverse natural ecosystems returning the dynamics of the natural cycles into the fertility loop. It not only sequesters carbon it lays the foundation for activating natures own cycles way faster. Plant diversity is the most efficient path to stabilising Earths natural cycles anywhere. If the Earth had its way, rapid diversity is the method Earth would choose to employ for repairing damaged areas. Creating and stabilising ecosystems is the best way to repay, in part, what we have all in some way used from natures resources. That has taken a lot and it cant keep up with us taking. Supporting this carbon capturing project activates solution based environmental restoration and organic farming methods replenishing soil life in a manner inspired by nature.


Our method has a factor of after care as a long term aspect for each project through enabling local hands on local lands. Activating people who care for their local environment and community providence enables new economics and reduces food miles. If there is a coherent conversation to be had between humans and the natural world this is one way.  We can all play a part in creating Carbon Captures in areas of the World where human activities have eroded the Natural Cycles. Existing farmlands where polluting practices have eroded the natural fertility loop can be regenerated through new farming methods creating the basis for soil growth. 


Our job is to prepare, plan and plant fertility loop ecosystems returning natural order for rewilding lands and organic regenerative farming practices. The more stable tree and plant diversity the more carbon stored, oxygen given, life in soil made and a natural cycle feeding the great diversity of life returned. It is our way of giving back.   

Scope - We are establishing land projects with ecosystem nurseries in the UK, France, Spain, Portugal and Zimbabwe. Our nurseries produce diverse ranges of trees, herbs, shrubs, grasses and various plants for supporting ecosystem regeneration projects. You, Your Family or company can invest to plant a diverse Forest Ecosystem that allows natural life to return and establish Organic Regenerative Farms with ecosystem nurseries. New age farming supporting ecology can be for local source food supply. This in effect also reduces transport miles of food thus reducing carbon footprints as well. One of the biggest polluting sources. 

will create a wetter and wilder landscape by restoring and protecting coastal woodland, heathland habitats, species rich grassland and wood pasture.

Some data and facts

  • One persons UK average turns out to be producing 13 tonnes of Co2

  • This amounts to having to plant 300 trees that would consume that usage, every year

  • One family of four would amount to planting 1200 trees

  • One flight from London to Nairobi emits 2.2 tonnes of Co2 and would take 60-70 trees to offset carbon each way.

  • The least efficient way to plant a tree is alone.

  • One pond in an ecosystem generates an 80% diversity increase.

  • 6 Trees offset 1 tonne

  • Each hectare planted can potentially store 26 tonnes Co2 ha, increasing each year

  • Mature Tropical Forests contain 3-400 tonnes Co2 per Hectare


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